Small Gardens Small Gardens are often neglected spaces but they can be transformed to become tranquil & vital parts of the home. Larger projects can incorporate smaller courtyards or secluded areas to great effect. It can be a challenge to create adequate entertaining areas in a small space, whilst retaining sufficient room for planting and other features. A well designed small garden using dramatic garden lighting, clever use of a few specimens, bold use of colour, and planting for privacy, will add comfort & value to a property by creating another space.
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Water Features Water features add energizing, soothing and light-enhancing qualities to a garden. Water features such as fountains and ponds are enhanced with lighting & thoughtful planting such as submerged aquatic & lush water-side plants, to create an oasis within your garden.
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Plants Thoughtful & sensitive planting transforms a garden, softening the hard landscaping & providing movement, colour, privacy, shade & texture. Every winter we plant a wide variety of root-balled & bare-root mature, specimen garden & parkland trees. We can supply & plant the perfect plants, shrubs & trees for your garden, according to your design, soil conditions, maintenance constraints and so on.
Sculpture Sculpture can provide an attractive focus within any outdoor space. The eye is naturally drawn to materials and shapes that enhance and contrast with the local environment, the planting, the surrounding landscape or architecture. Sculpture can be formal, traditional, figurative, abstract, contemporary, colourful or subtle. Kinsale landscapes can create a simple feature that will draw your garden together, or incorporate a favourite piece of your own.
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