Indian Sandstone Indian Sandstone has a soft & attractive quality. It is extremely versatile & can be used effectively to complement any garden scheme. We use sandstone as tiles, slabs, cobbles, & pebbles, in a variety of colours
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Skills Working with stone requires craftsmanship and creativity. As a natural product no two pieces are identical. Kinsale Landscapes create unique features using the finest quality natural stone to enhance any garden or project.
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Parking Secure & convenient parking is an issue for many people, & by combining planted areas and interesting paving materials it is possible to create beautiful and practical driveways and parking areas.
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Natural Stone Natural Stone adds character & a timeless quality to your garden. It is effective in both formal & informal settings.Natural stone can be used to construct many different features such as walls, patios, driveways, paths, steps & raised beds. We specialise in natural dry stone walling, which has a traditional & enduring appeal.
Paving Paving plays an important structural role in a garden and looks attractive as well as being functional. Paving and patios often link different parts of the garden together, both physically and aesthetically.
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Limestone Limestone is another beautiful option, which can elegantly transform the smallest space.
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Please contact us to discuss alternative colours & types of stone
Black Limestone Cobbles
Chinese Granite Cobbles
Natural Stone
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